Table Talk 2022-Conversation Card Deck

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This is the most unique card deck on the planet.

There are billions of people on Earth and each one of us has unique interests, beliefs, and stories to tell? You can learn a lot about a person by asking questions, but questions are just the beginning. Table Talk cards are designed to create a beautiful connection through conversation with the people around you.

  • THE DIFFERENCE: Each card is individually crafted to not only break the ice with others, but also provide meaningful conversation through reflections, stories, beliefs and thoughts. Genuine communication can make someone feel seen, understood, valued and appreciated. Sharing through conversation is how we truly get to know each other. We are way more interesting than we think and when we talk to each other, we find we have a lot in common and recognize our differences are few and far between.
  • THE QUESTIONS: Get to know more about your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. From light, humorous icebreaker questions to deeper questions for long-time friends, these open-ended conversation cards help you learn new things about your friends by sharing fun stories, memories, and aspirations.
  • FUN EVERY TIME: These cards were carefully selected from a huge list of thousands of questions so that each one can lead to fun conversations about a huge range of topics. No worries about mediocre questions that hit a dead end quickly.
  • THE IMAGES: “Worth 1000 words” 90 cards with a beautiful twist. Questions on one side and on the backside of each card, the individual images are specifically selected and designed to take the conversation in a completely different direction.
  • BREAK OUT OF THE BORING: Skip the small talk and enjoy story-telling and sharing with your friends or family at any get-together or family gathering. This box set of conversation cards is an excellent gift that brings people together and makes memories.
  • VERSATILE: Alternatively, You can use this deck by yourself to inspire creative thought, introspection, and to help find your muse whenever you want.

Inspired by a personal passion for great conversations, I created this card deck for family, friends, co-workers, classmates, new acquaintances – even yourself. Useful for parties, retreats, workshops, podcasts and therapy and an awesome way to break the ice in any social setting .

With Table Talk cards, you can skip the small talk and instantly connect with the people around you.

“I truly believe that every conversation has the potential to be great – to inspire us to action, enrich our relationships, and connect us with the people we care about.” – Robb Jarrett, Maker

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4 reviews for Table Talk 2022-Conversation Card Deck

  1. Chloe

    These cards are a great addition to my coffee table. Plus – they’re super easy to pop into a bag for on-the-go. I love flipping through the photos, and I’ve even thought of using them as journaling prompts!

  2. Pat (verified owner)

    Great conversational piece for two or twenty! Awesome gift for the holidays!

  3. Marcus

    Wonderful quality and very much looking forward to using this deck for our holiday gatherings. Highly recommend!

  4. Pat (verified owner)

    We had so much friend with the conversations created by this game! Recipients are now ordering for others!

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